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Air Lift Technology Timeline of Operation


ALT begins its first successful field test of hyper efficient pneumatic pumping technology in Morris, OK.

Expands beta testing site and filed for US patent.

Gary Sommese and Dr. Tony Huen developed a next generation pump to increase flow metrics & pump efficiency.

Tony Huen, Ph.D specialties include: Environmental Engineering and Physics from the University of California, Berkeley. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA. Professor at the University of California, Davis.

Starts 100+ well project in Oil City, LA. Successfully implements a 4.5 inch diameter pump to increase fluid flow to over 300 barrels per day.

Received US Patent for pneumatic pump. Installs a 65 well package with Dallas Production in TX.

Expands operations to 5 states: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Kansas. Gary Sommese joins Novatech Energy as Chief Technology Officer.

ALT achieves 5 year milestone of 5 year continuous pump operation. ALT expands and opens a second location in Oklahoma.

Installs first gas well using gas from well to power pump system. Sign agreement with Kapture Compression. Installs gas well in Osage County, OK. Files for international patent.

Begins collaborations with the University of Tulsa, Petroleum Engineering Dept. with Dr. Eduardo Pereyra. Dr. Pereyra received his Master of Science in 2006 and his Doctorate in 2010 (Petroleum Engineering from TU.) He holds 2 Bachelor degrees from the University of California: Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering and System Engineering. 2005-2007 he worked as a research scientist intern at Chevron's advance production technology unit.

July 2023 - Don Aldridge joins Air Lift Technology as Sales & Marketing Director. Aldridge brings 42 years of domestic and international oil & gas experience to the ALT organization. He is the former Global Sales Manager for Schlumberger Completions.










Dr. Tony Huen

Founder & Developer of Air Lift Technology

Gary Sommese

“During the 20 years I spent working in my family’s business, I became a serial inventor. After seeing the tragic combination of loose clothing and people standing too close to the edge of escalators, I invented the escalator brushes which are now the industry standard on every escalator. 
Around 2003, my attention turned to the need for clean drinking water especially in parts of the world where safe water is vital to survival.

A client asked if my submersible water system could pump oil, so we began working on adapting the technology to optimize it for the unique needs of oil and gas - Thus, the eco-friendly revolution began!”

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